Virtual Pet Game

Hello everyone, today I just graduated :slight_smile:
I made a virtual pet game and was able to create the prototype using Gdevelop.

The purpose of my game is to reduce stress for middle adolescence, therefore I apply pet therapy system into my game. There’s a character that play a role as therapist.

At the beginning of the game, user will be ordered to pick their stress level. Then virtual pet will respond according how high/low your stress is.

If you want to see my game, this is the preview, but sorry it’s only available in bahasa Indonesia!

Preview Halo Pet

Lastly, I want to say thankyou for Gdevelop and this amazing community. Not once you guys helped me when I’m stuck & frustrated! haha. (I’m not sure if it’s enough, but this is the credit I put on my essay :slight_smile:)


Nice game, good job, in your venture to make a game like this with GD.

Great work! I always approve of any game that involves pets.