Virus third game made with GDevelop

Third game made with GDevelop. He’s not a platformer, but …

……an intuitive game: nothing complicated or stressful, but a stimulating challenge to place your result among world records.

It is simply necessary to eliminate the various atoms in defense of the DNA of a virus to be eradicated, distributed over 6 columns of 5 atoms each. To eliminate the atoms it is necessary to make them collide with other atoms of the same color that the game presents two by two of random color.

The difficulty increases with increasing levels: the colors of the atoms increase. However, there are bonuses you can use, but beware that there are also penalties.

The game instructions are in the game itself (… but don’t worry, the game is very intuitive).


Hi Salvatore!

It’s a sort of Tetris game, is’nt it?

No, because here it is not the shape of the “pieces”, but the color. It’s closer to “Bubble”, albeit with different rules, of course :occhiolino:


May us have please a HTML demo version of your game?
I would like test and appreciate your game in real conditions.


Yes, I will, but I will have to change the commands because at the moment it is designed only for the mobile phone (so I touch), I will have to set some keys. I will (in a while because at the moment I will be away on business) and I will let you know.