Voice Loudness/Intensity Check

ChatGPT is awesome!
I was struggling to find a way to implement Voice Loudness (aka Intensity) Checker, to make game(s) like Scream Go Hero. I don’t know how to code, so chatgpt did it nicely!
Here’s the final chat with the provided code:

(I cant provide chat link because there are previous personal chats.)

This code doesn’t actually check for human voice or language, so when your mic hear something/anything then it’ll work. I didn’t actually ask for only voice recognition to gpt.

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Edit: It’s lagging after some time of using it in-game. Anyone know how to fix it?
Edit: This code seems to be work:

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I was working on it last month and had no success.
I’ll take a look at the code and try to adapt it for extension, I’ll publish it if you don’t mind.

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Sure you can. Let me know if you publish it. And Im still looking for the lag fix too.