Volume control doesn't work

I always encounter this issue… I am not sure but 0 was suppose to mute the music right :sweat_smile:?..but still this action play the music in 100 level…even If I set it to 15 or 20…the volume doesn’t change

use play a sound or play a sound on a channel instead of play a music.
see Audio [GDevelop wiki]


I believe 0 is supposed to mute the sound.

While you should still probably use “play sound on a channel” events, I’ve now tested this and you definitely have something else going on.

This event works fine for the music being muted.


Here’s with the “Play music on a channel” action as well, just to test


Yeah its working for me too… but it happens randomly sometimes…and I just realized this are all happening to old projects made with Old version of Gdevelop…maybe that’s causing the issue…haha my bad