Vote for Miko Adventures Puffball in GDWC now! ❤

Miko Adventures Puffball is nominated on The GDWC for this week’s Fan Favorite! :star2:
I really need your support more than anytime before :heart:

Voting is super easy and literally won’t take more than 5 seconds:

1- Go to the GDWC link here:

2- Scroll down until you find my game “Miko Adventures Puffball”
3- Click on Vote

And done you’ll get a message saying (Thanks for voting)
Here is a picture of my game from inside the website:
This is the first ever GDevelop game to enter GDWC , Help me make this special with your vote
This can get me a step closer to my dream :heart:

And also you can Wishlist the game on steam now

Love you all, let me know down below when you vote!


Go, Miko, Go!

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Voted too.
Good luck !

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i already voted when your Heart count in your post was still 8 :heart:

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Voted! Best of Luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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Voted! Good luck, buddy!

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You guys are awesome, thank you so much :heart:

Please keep the votes coming, we can do this together.