Vote on GameDevelop

HI everybody.

I have discovered a website where we can vote and comment on indie dev tools.
GameDevelop also listed on the site but nobody votted or commented yet.
I’m the first one who did :laughing:

I would like that if GameDevelop can be more popular,because I think it deserves more attentions and support.
So I opened this topic to link the website and ask everybody who find GameDevelop useful,to place a vote at least.
Not a big deal,but it maybe helps GD to grow.This website come up on the first page on google for game development tool search,so it can have some influence of that which tool what rating has on this site:

And a suggestion to 4ian:
if you submitted GD on this site,it may worth to add platfroms “Linux,HTML5,Windows” as a keyword ,because I found GameDevelop in google when I was looking for game development tools for Linux and HTML5.But on this site If I’m search for “Linux” in all categories,GameDevelop don’t shows up.Same for HTML5 and Windows.Even don’t if I set the category to Linux,OpenGL,Beginner,Free…etc
Need to play with the categories and keywords for better search results to find GD easier on this site.
If you didn’t submitted,you can still ask for correction as the author on “report missing/bad tools” forum.

Good idea. Voted. This should get posted up on the French section of the forum too.

Funny thing that I knew about site but didn’t know GD is there. Voted.

I didn’t know that site, it’s not me who had added Game Develop :slight_smile:
I’ve created a thread about it on the french forum, and I’ve posted a message to update the description and the qualifiers :slight_smile: