VPX Request (PuP Player)

Good day,

I’m looking for someone interested in making a mini-game for a virtual pinball table for a fan fiction themed Happy Gilmore table created in VPX.

The idea I had was the golf ball and hole being placed in random positions and left flipper and right flipper (left shift/right shift) moving putter, and plunger (spacebar) would determine force of putt.

If you are interested in creating something like that your name or nickname would be included in the credits. Obviously you would have complete design and graphic control of the minigame you produced and could be as simple or complicated as you would like. (Slopes on the green, minature golf type…) Whatever…or you could go a totally different direction and make it like a driving the ball mini game with the traditional three tap type stuff…you would be limited to using left, right, and spacebar for controls though.

Here is an implementation of a minigame in VPX that was led by Scotty Wickberg: Pizza Time (VPX) by ScottyWic - YouTube