W.I.P. Wizard Game Development Update #3

So I’ve been away for like a month, and currently I am planning a new system for the spells so they may work closer to charms in Hollow Knight, though there will be far fewer spells in my game.

What I’ve Finished
-Health system
-Checkpoint system.

What I Am Working On
-enemy sprite
-A test level

Sounds like a grand bit of progress, health systems in particular can be quite finicky if not coded precisely haha.

For the balance on bosses I can only offer advice; Just remember the target audience of your game, for example if it’s the hardcore, Dark-Souls-esque crowd then you can go pretty crazy with their attack patterns etc but if it’s a little more welcoming/casual, ease up on the attacks just a tad or make them a little slower for example. Can’t count the amount of times I’ve tried games only to find I’m not the player they had in mind haha! That’s about all I can advise without seeing any more but I hope it helps!