Wailing sea (Looking for feedback)

This is the first game I’ve ever made, it’s a horror game with one ending and 2 deaths, it’s around 3 minutes long if you just want to get the ending, I would appreciate if you took the time to play and give feedback.

Hi sdsadas your game is pretty good. It’s simple game play done well. I wasn’t sure of the controls though. The pump was the green button, not sure what the box with lever was at the left and I assume the generator was in the middle. At the end I couldn’t get the red flickering text to go away so I had to refresh the page. Nice choice of graphics and sound effects, well done.


Thanks you, the text at the beginning was supposed to have images for reference but I forgot to add them, I assume the box with the lever you are referring to is the door it doesn’t do anything it’s just decoration, I should have made it so after the death scene it takes you back to the main menu, sorry if the flickering and shaking bothered you, thank you for your feedback.

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