"Wait __ second " action

Hello.Can you add action like “Wait __ second” .Because sometimes it takes a lot of time to deal with timers, we add 1 action, then condition and then action or something.

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Yes there is… But you will have to… wait… Sorry :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, this feature (which I believe will be experimental) is currently in the main development version which will hopefully be pushed soon.

I’ve tried the new wait action and it’s a game changer.

If you really want to use it now, you can get the latest development version from GitHub to try it out.

Version 5.0.133 has just been released with the new wait action!

Thank you for adding wait action! It will be save a lot of time!

But i have new suggestions.I think Wait X second action need to be like “OR” condition.
Because maybe we don’t want the actions in the sub-event of the event with the “wait” action to happen after a while.

Sorry if I didn’t explain well.

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It can be like that :

What you’re describing would just be via a subevent.

Have the actions you want to occur every time in the parent event. Then have a subevent with your Wait + your other action.

Other subevents of the parent event would not be impacted by the wait.

Hello, were you able to download the latest update via Gdevelop? Otherwise it has always worked for me. But not this time. It shows that my version is up to date. So I have GDevelop 5.0.132.
Does anyone have a similar problem?
But under “What’s new” is version 5.0.133. displayed.

Greetings Markus

5.0.133 isn’t yet pushed to everyone.
If you want to download it now, you can download it manually here.

Oh, ok. I do that.

Thank you.

Я думаю то что вы добавили эту функцию в новую версию это меняет всю программу целиком теперь в программе больше есть возможностей чем когда-либо я как-то давно просил эту функцию но её до сих пор не делали а тут вот это похоже Construct 3 для меня больше не существует)))


think that you added this function to the new version it changes the whole program now the program has more features than ever I once asked for this function for a long time but it still hasn’t been done and here it looks like Construct 3 for me does not exist anymore)))

Gdevelop 5.0.133 just published for everyone and there is “Wait X second” action.