We are a team that has been working on gdevelop for 3 years, we are finally ready

We need help with some technical issues that have remained unresolved so far.

If anyone is interested in helping us in the past 3 months we would be happy to reward and hire them in the future.

Contact us at ytarandom@gmail.com


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Not very much info was given :thinking:. Like what type of people you are in need of, whether it be someone that can code, someone for art, sounds, etc. Do you use the visual coding, or would someone need to learn or already know JavaScript? Overall what kind of help you need in the first place.


Hi, thanks for the reply, I haven’t written much because we have little time and we are 3 people doing the work of 100, first I would like to show some of our games, to attract everyone’s attention, so the first question arises:

None of us have had time to inquire about how to protect ourselves from possible theft, can I make public an APK exported from Gdevelop on this forum without risk?
Or could someone access codes or the entire project?

P.s. You are a fantastic community and you help each other without asking for anything in return, but I will not allow you to run out of rewards :slight_smile:


Some infos can be extracted. Images and scene layouts are not very hard to extract if you know what you are doing. But the events cannot be extracted directly, as they have been converted into actual code. It is technically still readable but you would need to know very well how GDevelop works to know what is going on. Even if you know what you are doing, you still cannot directly extract events from that code, just have a rough idea of what it does. I would be more worried about someone trying to remake the game from scratch than from people trying to extract some events out of this.

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Got it, thank you very much, then I will send an Apk of the main game, but I need a few days to better organize the scenarios otherwise it is not playable.

For now, to get an idea, the first game I want to publish is a container game for 1/2 P games, I add here the screenshots I sent you via email just now so RoguePanda can see them too :panda_face:.

Here are some pieces of the menu and one of the many games within the main game.

ATTENTION: Screenshots taken from an obsolete Apk, it is more a draft :joy:

Then I have no problem sending an Apk as soon as we fix the scenarios.
Some of the images can be obtained by purchasing a license online, while the ones we did are already registered, so I think it’s ok.

When your game is ready think to fill this form, it’s allow to your game to be visible in the Game showcase in GDevelop and later on the GDevelop’s website :wink:

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Of course, even if we will have to wait for August, next month I will put in pre-registration on the play store.

These days I fix all the scenarios so I can make an Apk for you, even if it will be a problem, we are 3 people but everyone works on their own game and only me I work on this,
and to give you an idea of ​​how much work I have to do to fix the scenarios look at this photo, I’m working right now, this is the list of games :joy:

Just to be clear, why do you keep saying “make an apk for you”?

As far as I can see, no one in this thread is requesting an APK, and the majority of the users on this forum wouldn’t download a game outside of the official google play store. I just want to understand the ask/goal of the repeated statement.


Because before asking you for help, I wanted to show my project and make myself known.
A game with over 100 scenarios including menus and secondary games cannot be shown with just a few screenshots,
(which are also taken from a draft Apk).

Let’s say it doesn’t get the idea. I thought it was important to show the apk to show you the seriousness of my “company” I don’t know how it can be called :joy:.

So you would be more incentivized to give me some advice :grin:

Looks nice :slight_smile: What about a gameplay video/trailer? Could be useful to get some attention on your game outside of the community itself?

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Before doing that I have to fix everything, also I can’t create it as long as I’m constantly changing scenarios and game elements, it turns out that I create a video and the final game is totally different :joy::joy:

After 3 years in development it should not be that broken to not be able to create a trailer and 3 months before publishing, the gameplay and graphics should not change that much to be a totally different game by the time you finish it :joy: Maybe pick something that is 100% final and works :thinking:

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I have 11 games at the moment, this is the newest but also one of the best / best (started 6/7 months ago)

This game contains a lot of small multiplayer games, and a lot of features in the main menu which is huge, every game and every secondary menu requires a slideshow image and other, and I am a perfectionist. :joy:

It is absolutely impossible that it will remain the same in 3 months :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I spend whole days thinking about how to order the menu and the games and which images to put on and then change all day after😂

In trailer that is enough if you showcase gameplay of few games only. Or that is also missing? I had the impression you have the game finished for the most part, only need bug fixing and polishing.


That is never a good sign tbh especially if it cause the game to change drastically 3 months before publishing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Considering the important number of images I hope they are compressed to reduce the size of the final apk file :wink:

A video is very useful to introduce the game.
Personally I prefer to see a gameplay video on the Play Store page than images.

Indeed no need to provide us an apk just to please us. Nevertheless it’s nice, if the apk is available I’ll test the game a few minutes.
But don’t rush for us.

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I understand, but it’s not a problem, it’s been a long time since I had to create an Apk with all the working links, to look for bugs.

If you have a chat group I’d love to join :grin:

(This game is very big, it currently takes up around 240MB but I think it will eventually take up 90 / 120mb)

(In resources the bar has become smaller than the mouse :joy:)

EDIT: The system tells me that being a new user I have reached the maximum answers for today, so see you tomorrow :grin:

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Yes you can join a Discord server. The link is on GDevelop’s website in front page or in some place in the desktop application.

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Hi @BeeaarGames look at this is one of my post in this forum about a game that I release a while ago.
Is a good idea to share the progress of your game with the community so players can help you and give their feed about the game.
Plus the best way to polish and test the game is for you to let a lot of people involved in the development phase so when you finally release the game you won a lot of followers and fans.
Hope this helps.

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Now look, this would be great for me, I’ve been working on my own all this time :sob:

And finally, last month, two amazing people who are interested in my projects joined me.

Having a community that recommends you would be great. And surely I will be able to repay your help :slight_smile:

However I don’t want to be annoying, only if it’s not a problem for you, I can ask for some advice.:grin:

(I am creating a patreon profile, so as to bring fans through the games, do you think this is a good idea?)

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