Web Build Won't Complete

Hello, helpful people!

 Every time I try to carry out a web build of my completed platformer game, I get this error towards the end of the process.  Any remedies?

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504 Gateway Timeout - HTTP | MDN

(504 Gateway Timeout - HTTP | MDN)
Check your network connection maybe is a bit slow, if not that try again.

If you have super heavy media, like WAV files or video files, you may try to remove them to see if it works any better.
Also, you can try to export the platformer example project, to see if the issue is related to your own project. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice! I have mp3 files for music, and WAV files for voices. Bizarre experience building this little, 3 level platformer! Built for Windows - no problem. When I tried to do an online build, I kept getting that error, and assumed that the build process stopped there. So I kept retrying, in case it was my crappy, third world internet. Well, when I eventually happened to look in “my builds”, there was a shitload of them building there! So the problem wasn’t preventing them from building after all. Unfortunately, however, there is always an error in the build - the music is missing from the first level.

Ow, so it was working in the background, but it showed as failed…
Regarding your starting music, it’s not an error. It’s a limitation. You need to have user interaction (key press, for instance) before starting a music file.

OK, thanks. I see the warnings, but don’t realize their full implications. I did the same thing with the “Global Object” warning! Since I’m a newb at GDevelop, could you possibly show me exactly what to put in the events to start the music, so that I don’t mess up some little detail, and end up back in the forums tomorrow? Also, you mentioned “video files”. What can you do with videos in GDevelop? Cut scenes? I am asking because I am predominantly an iCloner, and making cut scenes is my forte. Redirecting...

I never used it, but you can play video inside scenes. Check out the wiki.

As I said, you need to have a key press or other interaction before you trigger the music event. Can be a welcome button or ‘click to start’ or anything.

I added “menu” as the first scene, basically just a graphic telling the player to click on the screen. I want that to start the video playing. When the video ends, I want the scene to change from “menu” to “Kristi”. At this point, when I hit “play”, scene “menu” comes up, but clicking on the screen does nothing. The video doesn’t play.