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I’ve been developing ‘apps’ in GDevelop (See this thread) They are designed to run from a web page and thanks to GDevelop they work wonderfully. For my purpose they need to download as fast as possible. I’ve Tinypng compressed all the images as much as possible and cleared out all of the unused ones. I’ve also switched hosting to Cloudways which saw a 10x speed increase. I’m open to any ideas to speed up download even further. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to tinyfi the html and Javascript files? I found a reference to a compressor extension on the forum but am not too sure this is what it does. Has anyone tried this?

One of my apps uses a number of mp3 sound files. I tried compressing with a random online mp3 compressor but they didn’t work in GDevelop, but then I wasn’t sure of the settings. Is this possible and if so with what compression settings?

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Hi, I think this response from arthuro was meant for your post and they just clicked the wrong topic.

Thanks jasonl and thanks arthuro. Yes, I’ve just implemented Cloudflare which comes with Cloudways and the speed increase is definitely worth it. Now I’m really digging deep into speeding up the website itself even more. (It’s a bit addictive, constantly retesting on GTmatrix for just another 1% improvement!)

Hi Wow, can you give us a bit more detail about your mp3 file compression? Like which website did you use and what actually happens when you try to put the compressed file in GD. And I’ve read here a few times that it’s best to use Play a sound rather than Play a music file.

Anyway, I did a test and here’s what I did. I recorded a minute of myself speaking absolute nonsense using the built in Windows recorder on my laptop.

It saved as an m4a file and was 1.3mb.
Then I used an online converter to change to mp3 and it was then 975kb.
Then I used an online compressor and it was 252kb. There was a choice of quality settings, I chose the default.

I did a GD test to see if both mp3 files would play and they did.

I used this compressor and I have no knowledge of whether it’s better or worse than other sites.

Hi Bubble,

Thank you for this. I confess I’d not really explored it much, but this definitely looks like a viable option.