Weird interaction between particle object and light object

I discovered a weird effect where after adding a light object to a scene and setting it to be the global light, it caused a particle object to suddenly produce far fewer particles. Deleting the light object from the scene and the list of objects didn’t restore the particle object back to how it was before the light object was added.

This was a quite a complex scene, so I deleted all other objects except the particle object and an object it was set to “follow”. The attached file is this minimal scene. If you add a new light object with all the default settings and drop it anywhere on the scene you get a white disc as expected when you preview. If you now stop the preview and tick the “Set light as the global light” option, when you click preview again, GDevelop will freeze. Somehow the bug is even worse in this simple scene than when it was a complex scene.
Light+particle odd.gdg (16.1 KB)

Wow, yes as you described it, i experienced a freeze too when passing the light as global !

I don’t see what can cause the freeze of the preview, i use a lot similar interaction, and same extensions, and lights as global on two project, i never had this problem…

You don’t even use light obstacle… weird !