Weird performance issue

Okay, so I have a strange performance problem.

Currently I have two computers in working order and ready, a desktop and a laptop.

The laptop is the one I usually use for GDevelop and for making art, the desktop I use (mostly) for playing games.

The desktop is more powerful, but the GDevelop preview runs much worse? With noticeable stuttering.

As a comparison, Heroes of the Storm runs on both computers but on the laptop it looks almost like a PS1 game (still playable without a hitch) and otherwise anything I can play on the laptop, I can also play on the desktop better, EXCEPT for the GDevelop preview!!

Any clues about what might make the preview stutter on a bigger machine when it runs smoothly on a laptop that isn’t high-end or new by any stretch?

Give more details, please.
Did you try network preview, standard preview, windows export?
And try with the platformer example, to make sure the problem is not project-specific.