Weird stuff found during translations

I’m going through the translation messages. I have trouble figuring some of them out, so I though I’d post them here!

  1. Browser resources
    Localization message:
    “Adding resources from Dropbox, Google Drive… is coming soon! Download GDevelop desktop version to use your own assets.”

Description of problem
Opening the Resources window causes an error message.

I opened the browser version of GDevelop at and opened the Platformer example.
Then, I opened go to Project manager, opened the Game settings category, and clicked Resources.
Instead of the Resources window, I saw a “This editor encountered a problem” error message.

OS: Windows 7, Firefox

  1. Algolia-link
    Localization message

Somewhere there’s supposed to be a link to the Algolia service, which powers some sort of help finder stuff. I couldn’t figure out where it’s supposed to be.

have you tried desktop version of gdevelop??