Welcome to GSoC 2020!


GDevelop is one of the open-source organization accepted for Google Summer of Code 2020. It’s a great opportunity for students to be able to participate to the development of an open-source project, learn and sharpen their programming skills :slight_smile: And this year, GDevelop is part of these projects!

This forum category is dedicated to discuss about Summer of Code 2020, mainly for:

  • questions for your proposal, if you are a student that want to work with us this summer. The guidelines for your proposal are here. You can also send your questions by email, you’re not forced to make a thread on the forum.. Please also make sure to actually make your application during the application period.
  • other questions about GSoC and GDevelop in general. Make sure to search for existing threads to avoid duplicates. If it’s a generic question about GDevelop usage, better post in another category of the forum.

We’re still in the early stage of this year edition of GSoC, so I’ll update this with frequently asked questions as we progress :slight_smile:


Hello, I am Pawan Jain, Computer Science Undergraduate from India. I have good knowledge of working in React.js. I want to contribute in project listed in GSOC Idea List. I was searching for Editor in the repository of GDevelop. Is this the correct repository I am working upon. GDevelop/newIDE/app at master · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

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Hi Pawan, yes this is the correct repository, have you tried to follow the README? :slight_smile:

Hi, I am Prashant Bajaj. I am a GSoC’20 aspirant. I am well versed in JavaScript and also in React. I am looking forward to contributing to the GDevelop game editor. I would like to know how can I start with the same. Also is there any particular channel regarding the discussion on GSOC?


This forum is the discussion channel :slight_smile: You can go on the Discord for casual chats.

To get to know how to start, I won’t give any detailed explanation - because it’s a good exercice for students to actually find the GitHub repository and see how to start GDevelop development environment. It’s not difficult, it’s all written and explained :slight_smile:

I’ve also added some more details at the end of GDevelop and Google Summer of Code [GDevelop wiki]


Hi, my name is Chibuokem Jerry, I build web applications with the MERN stack and I’m an electronic engineering undergrad at the University of Nigeria. I love to play games during my spare time and I look forward to contributing to GDevelop.


Hi guys, my name is Ata, I am from Istanbul Technical University, I am a game developer myself and other than making games I am trying to learn how to develop a game development tool :smiley: I am trying to make games with GDevelop and try to learn the source code, 4ian do you have any suggestions?

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Hi both!
Thanks for your interest :slight_smile: Make sure to take a look at the last paragraphs I’ve added recently to GDevelop and Google Summer of Code [GDevelop wiki]

My suggestions are to then git clone the repository, read the README to get the development version of GDevelop started and try a few things. You may want to look at:

  • The editor source code (React, JS): newIDE/app/src/
  • The game engine source code (Pixi.js, JS): GDJS/Runtime/
  • The core classes (C++): Core/

Take a look at the list of Good First Issues on GitHub. Solving or working on an issue will be very useful for making a strong proposal. :slight_smile:


Hello guys !
Myself Pinaksh currently an undergraduate from India. My skills include JavaScript, C++, react-native, ReactJS and docker. Currently, looking forward to contributing to the GDevelop as a part of GSoC’20 !
Cheers ! :smile:


Hello everyone :smiley:

I’m Duy Anh (you can call me Andy as well). I’m currently a Bachelor student at Tampere University in Finland. I’m interested in contributing to the Editor with the GOTO shortcut. There are many things I haven’t know, so I hope to receive the help from you guys :wink:

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Hey guys, my name is Atishay, I’m sophomore from Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology, India.
I worked on Unity before, found this Organisation so interesting, as so much to develop :grin:, I’m familiar with JavaScript, React, C++… Currently understanding the codebase, guidelines and how GDevelop actually works, looking forward to contribute to it.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hello everyone! I am Drishti, a Sophomore at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University, India. I am pursuing Information Technology and have made a few projects, on JS, react, Cpp etc. and I am currently going through and understanding the GDevelop repositories. Looking forward to contributing to GDevelop game editor, and learn from this experience!


I am Aman, pursuing BTech from Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering. My skills include,
React, javascript, c++ and nodejs. I am looking forward to contribute to this project.
I hope i am not too late to join the community

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hello everyone,
I’m Hasnat Amir doing my undergrad from the national university of science and technology Pakistan. my skills include JavaScript, react, nodejs, c++. I have worked in nodejs and react and some project are on my Github. I hope it isn’t too late to join the community :sweat_smile: as I’m looking forward to contributing to GDevelop and take part in GSoC :grin:and learn the most from this experience :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, I am Cheuk-Hang Tse, you can call me Chapman. I am a computer science major student from the University of Washington Bothell. This is my first year in this degree and I want to participate in GSoC for this summer. I have made a 2D game project with Pygame called Carta. I developed this game with a computer scientist from Nvidia. I have experience working with C++, C#, and Python in various platform like Unity with C#. I am looking forward to contribute the GDevelop project and learn from this experience in GDevelop.:grinning: