Well I Finally made a Snake game

This was one of the first projects I attempted well over a year ago, I tried to read up and find ways to make the snake function. I did not find much beyond Shadow clones talked about on the Gdevelop forum and ideas and loops in C and Java I tried but could not replicate here in my engine of choice.

Ultimately I pulled it off now all be it the basic nostalgia nokia throwback version. I did end up having to a very long winded coding of each segment (that is why I stopped at 100). I am sure a smarter person could take a look at my events and show me a better a way - if that is you I would love to have the pleasure of your review and advice.

Like i said I have tried probably over 10 times to make this kind of project and tried so many conditions and events (some I was convinced should have worked - still here we are).

Either way I love Gdevelop and am stoked I made a version of Snake and I can finally move onto other niggling homages I long to make.

Hope every one had a great New Years :slight_smile:


What do you mean? :thinking: You coded each “body part” individually?

Sadly yes I tried so hard and read up skimmed the forum read about snake in other languages and system like c# and Java (I know Gdevelop can use this but I am not really good with code code and prefer visual).

I tried looping systems many times but they befuddled me lol.

Like I said I am sure smarter people could make my slog to make it work look effortless (I would love to know and learn).

If you are up for it I would be happy to send the project for review and advice. I am loving learning but some times I use out the box methods to achieve my desired results (as I don’t know any better - yet).

Here’s mine:


Thanks Gruk, I will have trying this out and I Imagine this knowledge will be of benefit to me in future projects and other who search for Snake info :slight_smile: