What are you working on?

Hi everybody, there’s probably a lot of you who are not ready to share your project/s because they’re a long way from being finished.

So, what are you working on?
How are you going with it?
What’s your workflow like if you have more than one project?

I’ll go first.


I’m working on two projects. One is small, it’s not a game but a kind of productivity app. I want a visual tracker of how I’m going doing the things I need to do versus the things I want to do. I’ll be able to boost the character when I’m on track. Even though it’s not finished, when I just visualise it and think of the app character sinking into slackness (water) it inspires me to get back on track and just do the things I need to do.

My other project is bigger and once again is not really a game where you play. It’s more of a watch an NPC do it’s normal daily stuff. I did think of it before I saw Free Guy haha. I think I’m going to combine it with another idea where the character reacts to your rants/problems/joys/triumphs with whatever the appropriate response is. Just a facial expression probably.

When I get tired of one project I switch to the other but lately I’ve been only focussing on the small one as I want to actually finish it some time soon.

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I’m also like this with projects but can only work on one at a time. I have finished my first game Bullet Adventure even though only a demo. I’m starting on the next project an action platformer like Ninja Gaiden on the NES Next game ninja action platformer concept art

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Yeah, snap. I’ve got 2 projects on the go. A level editor for a touch game. And a platformer using the maps, reveal mechanics and backgrounds of SwitchBlade on the Amstrad GX-4000, combined with GDevelop asset store sprites. This is it so far :



Shadow_Assassin, I think everyone here loves that little dog and the pumpkins from your first game.

MrMen, wow that is so clever.

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I kind of feel bad for not answering this. I wish I could talk about my project, but I can’t. From the moment I publicly share what I’m working on, I will probably feel rushed to finish it. But you already know what I`m working on @Bubble :slight_smile: It’s one of the reasons you started this topic :innocent:

Been working on a third project, an extension. I wanted to have a nice random movement look for things like grass, so made a sway behavior to do it. The gif shows a single instance of grass and a water plant near the worm. The rest of it is lots of grass and water plants showing that each one is moving at slightly different and random rates.

It’s the first extension I’ve made and it was difficult for me. I looked at a lot of other extensions and did my best to learn from them. @Epicsleeper also filled in some gaps in my knowledge that cleared some things up for me, thank you!



Yes, pressure is definitely a creativity crusher. For me, saying here what I’m working on, I hope, is going to keep me accountable. Finishing things is not my strong point - I tend to work on the latest thing I find interesting.

And my latest thing is expanding on a rolling ball mini project that I made. I don’t know whether it’s because I made it, or it is actually fascinating haha, but I quite enjoyed passively watching a ball roll down platforms.

Shiny object syndrome FTW!

I’m much the same, usually it’s a game mechanic I want to try out. I get partway through writing the game only for another cool idea to tempt me.

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Hahaha, it’s actually a thing with a name. I looked up some other stuff on it too and in one game dev reference to it, the main useful advice was to work on and finish the simplest project first. No matter how small or simple it is, when it’s finished, one can say I finished a game therefore I am a gamedev. Sounds good.

The advice in the link I posted is to jot down the new idea you have, in as much detail as possible, and then park it and get back to it once you’ve finished the current project. That way the new ideas you have churning over in your head can be laid to rest, with the knowledge they’ve been stored somewhere for later retrieval. I quite like that approach, and might try it out for myself - once I’ve programmed this great new idea I’ve got :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha. Yes I did watch that and agree absolutely and definitely will stop myself now from starting anything new, I already have pages and pages of notes for various game ideas but of the four things that I’ve actually started (thanks to GD) will work on the one that has the least to do to finish it.

I actually don’t mind have 2 or 3 project o the boil at once. It means if I become stuck for some reason on one of them (trying to figure the best way to approach something or just need a break form it), then I can potter round on another project.

I tend to mull the other game over in the back of my mind, ad by the time I need a break from the current project, I have a refreshed interest and ideas for the other one.


Wasn’t thinking of joining the GameJam2 but when I found out the theme was pets/animals, had to be part of it. My little hero is a hamster.


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Started something new. :astonished: I’m making a colour app that makes palettes of colours that go well together. But not like the ones that have analogous, complementary, triad etc.settings I don’t find them very helpful and am taking a different approach. It’s working well so far and I’m hoping to put it to good use with game graphics and other things.

Hi I’m working on WTF WARS Series - Heroes Of Light, pixel art and PICO8 palette.

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Looks good. I watched the first minute and a half and some of the drop down messages disappeared so quickly I had no time to read them.