What game idea whoud be good

send a game idea in the responses section of this post and the mosed liked one ill do

You could try and make a top-down shooter game, maybe similar to zombs royale.

Player has ten slots of inventory.
Random loot is generated every second.
You can only equip ten pieces of the loot.
The rest you have to burn.
No other game play


Make an epic banana vs potato game, if banana win, unlock golden banana. if tomato win, you have to fight with golden potato.

platform game where you are ms paint user and microsoft got your big brush and replaced it with 3d brush
(i have weird game ideas dont i?)

Here’s a dump of one of my game ideas I had but will probably never get made:


It’s an upgrading game designed for touch devices. You’re stuck on a desolate planet, a long way from home. The aim to is to get back home by mining for minerals, which you trade for upgrades to your ship until it’s powerful enough and has enough fuel capacity to make it to the next planet. You control the weapons and claw arms while the craft runs on autopilot. Your obstacles are mineral pirates, irate locals, wildlife and various militia groups intent on stopping your progress.

You upgrade your craft’s defense, weapon, power/fuel and mining abilities.

Longer version (a bit scrambled, it was notes as they came to mind over a period of time):

Top down type shooter, scrolling down the screen.

Control player by tap, hold and drag to move the craft around the screen to avoid your obstacles, but not to move the craft off it’s destination. Think classic space shooters where the player can move around the screen, but the scrolling continues in one direction.

Fire at enemies by tapping where to aim. Multiple taps to fire more than one projectile.

Weapon projectiles ideas: Laser, missile, land mines (can damage player too)

Set the conditions for a projectile type to be used. E.g. use on enemy with most health, health above x, one that causes most damage, slowest…

Mining craft runs on autopilot. Player taps on screen to collect minerals or to fire missiles at upset locals. Mineral extraction points are set by tapping on the mineral deposit. Multiple targets can be set (2 at first, then more via upgrades?). Craft has limited fuel tanks, and not enough to make the next base. Getting to the next base opens the door to a larger variety of minerals. Player trades minerals for better mining or craft equipment, so they can make it to the next base without having to turn around. Course plotted can be straight out and back mission, or a loop. Player can set the angle from where they start.

Claw arm:

4 levels of speed:

1 - Each segment extends once the previous one has been extended.

2 - As speed 1, but at twice the rate.

3 - All segments extend at the same time, to be faster than speed 2.

4 - As speed 3, but at twice the rate

The reduction of the return speed is influenced by the size of the mineral rock picked up.

Multiple levels of mineral collection:

Each arm starts off with a basic mineral type it can collect. Upgrades allow the arm to collect more than one type of mineral. Each upgrade is to a more expensive mineral that current.


Each arm can only collect mineral rocks of a certain size or smaller. Upgrades allow the arm to carry larger rocks.


Upgrade to increase the range of the collecting arm.

Other arm upgrades:

Arm upgrade also available to collect other items left behind by destroyed enemies.


Mining Craft upgrades:

larger fuel tanks

extra mining claws

increase durability (health)

Claw upgrades*:

faster arm extension and retraction.

pickup heavier/larger mineral rocks.

extend the pickup range

pick up and process more valuable ore/minerals

pick up dropped weapons

  • = all claws are affected

Defence and weapons:

purchase weapons

upgrade weapons

purchase defence system

upgrade defence system


lights (for later levels when it’s dark)


bribes (less pirates on the level)

automatic weapon (max of 2)

manual weapons (max of 3)

single swipe shield, initially only takes one hit before disintegrating.

Shield can take multiple hits before disintegrating.

shields duration.

2 finger swipe for double shield

more powerful engines to carry more weight

more efficient fuel consumption

Upgrades affect the fuel efficiency of the crafty as they take or add weight.


Swipe to create a temporary shield, from swipe start and as far s it can to swipe end.

Tap on upset locals to fire weapon.

Tap on rock to pick them up.

Tap on ground to release mines or grenades, if they are available.


Craft is equipped with multiple weapons. These take time to refresh when used. On start up the player chooses which weapon is used on tap.

single shield - Laser follows the player’s fingers & generates a curved line shield that centres between swipe start and finish, for a distance that the shield strength allows. Shield is active for a set period of time. It prevents most incoming missiles from passing through.

Double shield - like the single shield, but it’s set by two fingers swiped in parallel, and sits one behind the other, like a rainbow.

radar, to warn of incoming enemy missiles


floating ring of mines


lightning strike

plasma (takes a few seconds to power up, then blasts towards target)


homing missiles

anti missile missiles













continual stream

continual stream with secondary streams to the 4 targets closest to the original target.





Ice bolt

Flame thrower

Energy ring


Fire works bomb

Ring of death

Big Banger Bomb

Defence systems

Force field

Deflector shield

Ring of floating mines

Tracer bullets


Weapons can be automatic. The player decides which weapon(s) will be automatic and how they target - enemy one with most power remaining, most powerful enemy, nearest enemy, enemy the weapon will damage the most

Weapons can be used on rock encased minerals. The explosive ones (missiles, bombs etc) split them open to reveal a more precious version of the mineral. The energy based weapons (lightning, plasma etc) cause them to melt and change into a fuel mineral (top up craft fuel, extra oomph for shields or energy weapons)

Weapon details:




In game Goals:

Complete a level without a hitting a pirate

Complete a level without picking up any minerals

Complete a level without using a defensive


wow so big i make pc games sus

done i got a idea that being a top down shotter