What IDE is best to developing GD?

Since we don’t have forum dedicated to developing GD itself, I’ll drop it here. What IDE is best to develop Game Develop? I don’t have much of IDE preference and I can easily choose one of the other.

In GD sources, there are already C::B project (+ CMake file) so I think Code Block is the best IDE for Game Develop.

OK, I think 4ian mentioned he uses Code::Blocks but wasn’t sure. Now I know.

Anyway, are forms in GD designed via designer or in code? I prefer the former as it is easier to design interfaces visually than to create AND code them in code (that’s why I’m fan of Delphi-like IDEs).

The GUI is designed with WxSmith, a visual GUI editor integrated with Code Block.

I do not use c::b anymore. I’ll write a documentation page about it. Basically:

-c::b projects are outdated, do NOT use them.
-only compile using cmake generated makefile. You van still ask cmake to generate a project file for your favorite IDE. Personally, I use Sublime Text with C++ plugins and it is awesome :slight_smile:
-Use only c::b projects to change dialogs generated with wxSmith.
-Any new dialog must be generated with wxCrafter (gdjs dialogs are made using this software).

This allow to not depend on a particular IDE, and compilation can be easily triggered from command line (perfect for creating automated build bot)

Here is a new documentation page answering to various questions including the recommended IDE and visual designers: 4ian.github.io/GD-Documentation/ … tions.html :slight_smile: