What is happening to 9-Patch Panel Sprite

I think I found a bug if not, tell me how to solve this
Look what’s happening to Panel Sprite

What seems to be the problem? You haven’t explained what we’re supposed to be looking for or at, and it’s not obvious from the gif what the issue is.

It’s like the margin isn’t enough, add 1px margin in the object properties.

It’s the line, that random dark line that appears on the Panel Sprite

It doesn’t solve the case

Ah, it’s near impossible to see unless the gif is set to full screen.

What does your image look like in the patch panel editor, and what are the margin settings?

And what are those lines in the sprite in the editor? It looks there’s something no right with the image itself.

Can I send you an example project?

If not then, I will tell you that my image looks fine in the patch panel editor, and margin setting is 10px (outline of the real image was 3px)

That just looks like the option to repeat the border is checked in the object properties.

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There is a check box in objects parameters. Use it.Im sure it fix your problem

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I did that and it fixed my problem but how does this even work?
I mean, the checkbox is named “Repeat border and centre texture” so I always check it
Should I always uncheck it or when should I check it?