What is the desired game window height and width?

Hello.What game window height and width should I use under game properties to ensure the game is displayed properly on all platforms(windows,linux and android)?

Hello Odrian this is your choice brother :wink:
But in general i always go with this
You can ensure your ratio like that

Or about android this is a way

You need to play with keep ratio options to see what fit best for you when it comes for the android.
I use something like this for proportions in order to be sure how looks
I don’t believe the most of the cases you will need biger canvas to work with
If you making pixel perfect art game and you need depth and many sprites in your scene maybe you need to use biger ratio but again for me is not necessary.
In 3D games if you have small ratio you have lower graphics in GDevelop the ratio is just the canvas or camera space so you can create a 16x16 or 32x32 sprite to look like HD and you save so many memory this give to us the power make amazingly fast games I love that bro really and is not limiting my art vision.

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@DarkHeliosGames Thank you so much. This is really helpfull.:+1:

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