What is the limitations of gdevelop?

What is the limitation of gdevelop ?
such as number of sprites, layers, etc
can’t publish in google play , ios store, etc
can’t add admob ads? or gdevelop will share its ads in the game with my ads ?
how many games i can create ?
the game source will publish in gdevelop site ?
database limits ?
loading screen ?

Hi! Gdevelop is open source, meaning you can freely develop games, however much you want! Though to get more builds (compile your Gdevelop project to Windows, Mac, android, ios, and HTML) per day, you will have to buy a subscription, though you will probabaly never have to worry about that since gdevlop has a preview option which runs a… well, PREVIEW of your game!

you can publish to ios and and the play store, however it wont do that FOR you. it will only spit out an APK which is compiled, or a manual build of ios which you have to manually compile.

can add ads, dont have experience with it though.

about the number of games, my friend buzz lightyear can help you:
to infinity, and beyond!

happy creating :smiley:

could you elaborate more on your last 3 points?


There are no limits of any such kind in the main GDevelop release.

  • Infinite games can be created.
  • Infinite assets can be added (within reason. You can add infinite assets into your game project but not all PCs will be able to run it).
  • Assuming the API has a web accessible SDK, you an add whatever API you want. Otherwise if it’s a Javascript SDK you can add it so long as you’re an experienced javascript dev.
  • You can publish to whatever store you want on a supported platform (Windows/Mac/Linux, or iOS/Android). You will need to manually export and build your own iOS releases as Apple requires them to be built on a MacOS device.
  • You can add admob ads on mobile targets as much as you want. Admob doesn’t support desktop releases, but that’s not a GDevelop specific thing.
  • Your game source code isn’t published anywhere you don’t want it to.
  • There is no native database system integrated into GDevelop. You can use firebase if you want, or implement your own database access.
  • The closest thing to a limit would be if you’re not a subscriber, you will have to modify your source code if you don’t want the GDevelop image on the loading screen at the start. Otherwise “Loading screen” isn’t a limit so I’m not sure what you’re asking about.

Please note: The above is all for the main GDevelop engine. This is not for the “GDevelop for Mobile” fork available on the Android and iOS stores. That is a completely separate fork of the engine, made for and made possible by paid subscribers, and has a limited version available for free for non-subscribers. The limits for free users are listed within that app.

Also note that the above is about the GDevelop engine, not the online GDevelop.io services like the automated build service or gd.games storage/leaderboards/etc. Those are cloud services tied to a subscription and are unrelated to the engine itself.