What is Toggle disabled?

Hi everyone
what is toggle disabled? why we use it?

Toggle disable disables any event and they won’t work during Preview.

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Then why don’t we delete them directly
is the answer this -
Because there can be need of the events again so instead of deleting them we use Toggle disabled
I am right?

For me, sometimes, while debugging (I don’t know if this is the right term to use).

Like I added one feature and it works. Then I add another feature, it also works but the previous one doesn’t. So, to check if it is caused by the feature I just added, I disable those events and then preview again. If my first feature works then I will be sure that it is caused by the second feature I just added and I would edit it and fix it but if my first feature doesn’t work, then I can just enable those events and don’t have to worry about
re-adding those events.


Ok @Muzan :+1:t2:

Its okay. I am also like that sometimes.

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