What is visual scripting?

What is visual scripting explain please?!

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Several people and moderators have already answered and explained it to you! Search google for “What is visual scripting?” and you get even more answers and pictures about it.



Visual Scripting is basically any method of defining logic without having to manually type out a full line of code. This can be via Nodes (like in Blueprints for Unreal, or Bolt in Unity) or via Blocks (like Blockly from Google), or via visual events (Like in GDevelop). This allows you to have a visual representation of the game logic without having to fully type out programming code in full syntax like in C# or Javascript.

This forum in general is specifically for GDevelop, and not for more broader basic development topics. If you’d like to learn more, I’d recommend using Google, checking out some places like Gamefromscratch.com or other various resources on the internet.

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