What kind of stuff do you get hung up on while making games?

What kind of stuff stops you from progressing while your working?

Mine is the little things, the odd little details, like if i see an enemy clipping on a corner i get a big shot of OCD into my brain and it drives me nutts untill i fix it…


…the gold coin…

I cant decide on a gold coin design for my game and it DRIVING ME NUTTS! …i need help :frowning:

So what stuff drives you crazy while you working? :smiley:

Please share the pain…


For me when things get too complicated and I’m overwhelmed with a lot of works

I also get some feeling like you when my drawing and pixel arts suck I want to delete them all, But most importantly when I criticize my own game I start thinking what people will see and feel about my work if I do option #A some will say blablahblah should I do another plan, oh no that’s suck, ah this mechanics is so boring. For now I start focusing on my project and stop overthinking, I’ve realized that there are many games with (for me) has poor art style meh story or mechanics
but what make those games succeed is that the devs don’t stop they keep working until their game is finished, Then I have to do, I have to be consistent and have a plan for the work.

It’s common that every game has to face some criticizes behind the successful games there are a lot of work and effort AND Never compare your game with AAA Games and top 5% Games only study their mistakes and get some inspires from them. That’s what I keep in mind to do my games.


It’s definitely artwork that drives me up the wall. Like, my mind’s eye can picture almost perfectly what I want to put in, but when it comes to the pen n’ paper…blank. Haha! Definitely a mind problem but meh.
Oh, and also perhaps what people will say about my projects - I don’t particularly have anyone I can talk to about games in general, let alone developing them, so it’s hard to ask for opinions and the like.
As for your coin idea, how about adding the initial letter of your currency’s name as a stamp in the middle? Perhaps give it a darker gold ring around the inner edge, something like this?
Coin Idea

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Hey there!! :smiley: If you want an opinion or talk about game ideas, you can always make a post here on the forums, make a post just about your game where you can put up screenshots, ask people what they think, or even ask them to test your game!

As far as the coin goes… Thanks so much for the idea! …but what was driving me nutts was that i wasent happy with the same old boring coin style… but i already figured it out!

I like making little themes on my games, something that sets the mood or repeats, and in my main character case its the skull on her coat… so i made a skull coin!

Still working on it, but im happy now :smiley:

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Ah man that’s a wicked idea for a coin! 100% agree that the same-ol’ generic round gold coin is a bit too overused haha!

Many thanks too for the info - when I get to a reasonable point in the development I’ll make a lil’ post on the forums, it’s quite exciting in an odd way O_o Hopefully I’ll pop it in the right section!

Excellent bud, keep on truckin’! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re making!

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Default goldcoins are easy to make. This shiny 16x16px one took me just a few minutes to create.
Maybe its animation is helping you to animate your 8x8px token aswell, if you even considered to animate it with a 360 style.
Well, maybe a little shake effect for 8x8px would be also nice to look at.
(Hope this *.gif is working).

I spend too much time optimizing performance rather than trusting that the person playing might not have a potato computer :slight_smile: . Recently I spent three days of work adding detail I saw from some shaders I used - onto my actual sprites - using an image editing program, so I could then remove the shader effects and save some performance.

And even if what I’m doing is useful… I still haven’t yet talked about how I’ve spent multiple hours to reduce the file size of the game by 3-4 MB.

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I feel your pain when it comes to performance :slight_smile:

That is some next level tinkering to improver performance tho, and quite smart!
Im sure the hard work pays off :smiley:

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Usually it’s those things that should work but doesn’t. Like all the logic makes sense but simply doesn’t work for some reason. Apparently half of those are typos or something. But if not, have to try another way or just abandon it.

And yeah, the art is always something that gets me too. And one of the more time consuming. At the moment, I’m looking into explosions at opengameart. I find none that’s the particular type I want. So now I gotta make it myself. Still it ends up looking wrong. lol.

That’s a cool skull coin idea you got there btw. I was looking for something similar a while back, found a few decent ones but just the usual circle with a star and stuff.