What led to the removal of the free comparison from the pricing page?

The pricing page used to be straightforward, clearly illustrating the features available in the free version as well as the additional benefits offered by the silver and gold plans.

However, upon visiting the individual pricing options on GDevelop Premium Plans | GDevelop 12, the free column is no longer present, displaying only the silver and gold options. This setup may give the impression that GDevelop is a paid engine with limited free capabilities, akin to engines like GameMaker or Construct 3.

This perspective is based on my opinion, and considering the recent fallout with Unity, many individuals may be exploring alternative engines. The absence of a free column on the pricing page could potentially dissuade some users. Given that the engine is indeed free and fully functional in its free version, it might be beneficial to include a column alongside the silver and gold options to clearly communicate the available features.

The free info is still there on both desktop and mobile browsers. It is underneath the paid tiers section.