What license to choose for sharing source?

Hi all!

I’m thinking about selling source files, not only GDevelop project files but also others and I have a difficult time to pick a license and I would like to ask for some opinion and suggestion.
What I would like to do is allow to use the source for any purposes but do not allow it to be shared, redistributed with or without any modifications.

I was looking through source code licenses but to be honest in most cases (maybe also because my english is not very good) I’m not certain what the license allow or don’t allow exactly.
For example I was looking at Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives 4.0 International license:

But what I don’t like about the license is that the short human-readable version suggests:

But this is exactly what I don’t want to allow. I know the long and dry legal version may don’t allow to share or redistribute the material in any way and form but I want a license that is get to the point and easy to understand for everyone.

As an alternative I was considering to mention restrictions on use inside a text file included with the source and I did find a well formulated agreement:

This is sounds exactly what I want but I’m not sure if including this text as-is in a text file would be enough.

I would appreciate any suggestion and opinion on this.

Hi there!

I’m not definitely an expert about that, but I’d like to mention one thing:

Aren’t we sharing the source when distributing the final project, however? Likely in a modified form. E.g. let’s say someone makes a game using your source in Gdevelop and exports it as HTML 5. This file will contain the source in it (Not gdevelop source, but definitely javascript source). So it would need a clear distinction/definition of what this protected source is. E.g. gdevelop file cannot be distributed, but the final product (in any shape, including with javascript source files) can be distributed freely. This gets more messy if you have a source with custom Javascript code in the gdevelop file. Then this Javascript code would be shared in the final project I suppose.

No, I don’t want to go so mad and technical about “sharing source”. The point would be that, I don’t want to allow to re-share the source in stand alone form or as part of examples or tutorials…etc It OK to use it in distribution of work but not to share it with 3rd parties in any other ways.

This is why I like the agreement I mentioned above, because it seems to cover this well and simple:

I’m likely to use this agreement as my custom license, user agreement included with the source.
I have received some suggestions other places and yes this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to display the license on the store page mentioning “by purchasing the source you agree to the following terms of use” and then display the text and also include it with the source in a text file named “license”. And the “agreement” I have mentioned above is not enough, but luckily it is part of a much longer complete License so all I have to do is copy the whole thing not only pieces and my source should be covered properly :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Now I’m wondering if that’s ok if I’m using the license of something else like copy paste the text :confused:
It is not a “public license”. The company using the license probably did consulted with lawyers and it did cost money for them to set the license up… so it might be their property and I’m not allowed to use the text or am I? :confused:

I can’t obviously give any legal advice but if the license text was protected, it might need to be stated somewhere in the license itself. For these things, it would be best if you search for free legal advice on the internet, and a legal expert might answer you for free if you put the question as a short and simple one.

I decided to ask for permission to use the license, in case I don’t get the permission then I might try that or maybe book an appointment with a local lawyer to discuss my options and possible costs involved to come up with a similar custom license.
I don’t think it worth it but it something that need to try first to see but even to try it I need a license first :imp:

A free public license would be the most convenient way to go but so far most of them are way too flexible or not flexible at all. They allow you to do everything or nothing, I need something in the middle.

Thanks for your thoughts.