What should my next room theme be?

Hello, GDevelop community. I am making my game and going to complete it. I have made two rooms on a castle trap theme and one room on a natural trap theme. But now, I am stuck. It’s kind of, I ran out of ideas. Now, I am asking this community to tell me the theme I should make my room 4 and maybe 5 on. Can you give me some ideas?

annoying ice level with slidey floors, teleportion puzzle like pokemon uhhh a level with unique enemies or special ways to kill them. dodging moving laser sensors, the world is upside down , an opposite type level where lava when stepped on is actually ice and you slide, and water you think you can swim in actually leads you to a fiery death


Hah, that would be interesting

Although I have played Pokemon games, but I don’t know what that is