What to use when and what to use when in ToString() and LargeNumberToString()

Hello, everybody. I was making a Debug text object and while I was working on its events. I saw ToString() and LargeNumberToString(). I don’t know what to use when and what to use when. Can I ask where to use what?

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Taken from: Expressions reference [GDevelop wiki]


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But one question again, only their converting process is different, right? And both will give me the same value no matter which I use, is it correct?


A super large number will get converted to the scientific e-notation (usually with a -e at the end) using the normal ToString. The other will not

What about the results?

Edit: I got it, I think. But with ToString(), will a small number have a -e at the end?

No. It is e-notation. This has to do with math notation and large exponential numbers.

Small numbers shouldn’t be impacted, but you will need to play with them to see how they impact your specific use case.


Woah! I got it, the result of ToString() on large numbers would be something like this calculator

So, this is called scientific notation

Although to avoid further confusion that is specifically scientific e-notation. There is also base scientific notation, which becomes lile 2x10^12. Most systems don’t use that, but just be on the lookout when you refer to scientific notation.

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