What's everyone up to?

Feel free to share your activities today / tonight.

For me, I’m currently into arts right now for my game :smile:


Creating my first official assets its funny because my last asset turned out bad cause I used krita with having little knowledge of it. Anyway I am :100: positive about this one I would release it for free once I am done. :blush:

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Ton of gardening and DIY at the moment. :slight_smile: #dirtynails


I can tell we are not different :joy: By the way, I’ve also experienced that (the I dont know what to do syndrome but trying to create something) (I know I just reversed what you said hahaha), and my strategy in dealing with that is to visualize and make a To do List. Though I’m experiencing it everyday, but it kinda reduces the “syndrome”.

Also, I love how we have the same animal for Profile picture :laughing:

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Wow! You rock! I’ll be waiting for your release :smiley:

Miko all day all night :smile: … at the moment I’m polishing the biggest level in the game … adding final details and just over all testing that everything is in the right place.
I’ll be releasing a new small gameplay from that level … hopefully today :wink: