what's this f**k??

Hello, me, register old year ago gdevelop.net (first in take this name :laughing: ).
The dotcom(pany) not agree me, but, I have register .es, .eu and .org.

If you want gdevelop.org, it’s yours, Just give me the DNS.

I’m spanish, I’m only one person, I’m developer, my skill are: vb.NET and PHP&HTML5, ~little C# and Ruby.

My website is http://gdevelop.es (develop in 4 years ago), it’s freak, the last update is one year ago or more!, I do not care!, my work is day to day, is develop, I do not care what others think, my products grow.

My channel on youtube (more 2 year ago): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMXS0sccUVIVDW496HnGfOA

This shit, is my shit! Best regards,

PS:/ My logo is best http://gdevelop.es/site/gdevelop/img/gdevelop2_410.png

I think .org can be used only by registered organisations and foundations, individual person not allowed to use it, only .com .net .name and the domain of the country of residence (.eu .fr .uk .pl .us .es …etc) allowed to use by individuals, But maybe I’m wrong I’m not a lawyer, though it a nice gesture to offer this domain.

Hey Mercenario,

Thanks for posting this message :slight_smile:
I wasn’t aware of the existence of your website before! Hopefully, as GDevelop is the name of the software and “GDevelop entertainment” is the name of your society and not your softwares, it should not cause problems :slight_smile:

It would be so nice of you if you can redirect gdevelop.org to the website (compilgames.net)! That would be awesome :smiley:
Or we can try to transfer ownership if you want to.

I don’t think so, on wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.org), it is said that there is no registration restrictions. :slight_smile:

I any case, thanks again for posting your message :slight_smile: