When drag and drop an object


maybe a feature or maybe an error:

when an objects being drag and dropped in the scene, the focus don’t change to the new one.

…the most of the time i don’t mind about this and start change the layer and whatever minding about the new one, but it is not… the focus is still to the old one.

maybe in automation changing the focus to the newly drag and dropped object?

thanks, Ermes

What did you mean by focus?

In the editor, when the focus is on a scene object, it’s properties are displayed. If you drag in a new object to the scene, it doesn’t gain focus. The previous one is still in focus, and it’s properties are still on display in the left side panel.

It’s annoying if you don’t remember this behaviour, and you start fiddling with the properties of the wrong object.

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Exactly. sorry for my broken english.