When GD is used for something other than games

I have something cooking, but would like some advice from a mod.

One of my projects is more of an educational software than game…when I’m ready to share the prototype or a fairly stable release, would it still be best placed under the Game Showcase category? I just feel like people might get confused and expect it to be a game although it will be lacking many common game elements (i.e., score, health, coins, etc). If there’s a better place to post about it, please let me know. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Uhhhm I am by far not the lead moderator or the most experienced one, but I think this should be ok? As far as it was made with GDevelop I guess.

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It’s very interesting.
I am also learning GDevelop in order to write educational software.
Have you already published any programs ?

Feel free to add a [APP] tag to your topic title, or whichever tag you deem best, but why not take advantage of GD to gamify your educational software? :blush:
Giving points for each success, unlocking new levels, offering a challenge mode, etc.

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Other than Become More (which isn’t especially educational) and my memory/math minis - not yet, it’s still in the oven :slight_smile:

I’m trying to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible so users can jump right into the creative process without being overwhelmed by all kinds of bells and whistles. :wink: There’s no success/failure or right/wrong answers and all of the action mostly fits into one scene.

Thank you for the [APP] suggestion.

I may publish a prototype by the end of the day (or week).
There are a few errors and things on my end that I’m trying to iron out though.


Taking it down temporarily to change and fix a few things.

Also changed the title of the thread back as I’ll post the actual app link in the Game Showcase.
This was just to ask for some advice about doing something a little different. :slight_smile: