When is the version GD.4050 is going to be released?

When is this next version GD.4050 is going to be released?

I wanted to say you can download the nightlies to get the latest bug fixes and features but seems like the nightlies stopped since January
According to Trello, 4ian seems to be working on a new HTML5 based IDE. I guess we won’t get a new version soon :frowning:

I miss the nightlies also. :slight_smile: Hope we can get them back!

It may go way off topic but what I really miss is the discussions we had regarding the development and future of GD.
Years ago, 4ian was active on the forum on a daily basis and he was discussing everything with us, every single idea and plan he had for the development of GD. We may did not agree with his plan and the discussions may was not technically, professionally helpful to 4ian with the development but personally, I enjoyed the discussions a lot because it made me feel I do have some level of influence on the future and I was informed regarding what to expect. But in the past 2 years 4ian went from DAILY forum activity to NO forum activity… If I don’t visit the Trello page I don’t even know the next thing is going to be an HTML5 based IDE… I accept he is busy and most developers out there not discussing development directly with the community but most developers out there got a dev log or blog at least to let people know what is on the horizon and let them comment to the log or blog to see what they think or may even do polls and let people vote…

But having nothing, no discussions, no logs no blogs is very disappointing :frowning:
He seems to update the Trello page at least :imp:


Sorry for not being active anymore, I had to cut off my activity on the forum to avoid being overwhelmed :frowning:

I planned to announce the work on the experimental IDE on the forum. I’ll release a testing version in the next weeks, before the end of the month :slight_smile:

EDIT: Here you go: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=8940 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. Hope to see more features in the awesome tool. :slight_smile:
There’s a real list of things that deserve and need to be added (to avoid essential issues such as huge loading times, missing things or lags in-game where other engines may not lag), so hopefully a powerful extension system (as I suggested in that thread) can be the answer to solve resource issue of such a small staff doing most of the work.