When the box is over the button it is to activate but not activating

Access denied! Check permissions in google drive.

Sorry try now


You need to open the folder where your project is saved, select all files and compact them using winrar, winzip, etc. Then you upload only the compressed file. There’s a lot of files inside the link you provided.
Use filedropper.com it’s easier than google drive.

If something is wrong I’m sorry, I don’t know how to deal with these things

You published the game in exe. I could run it, but not open it in GD.

Could you tell me how to make it editable on Gdevelop for other people?

It’s inside the folder where you “save” your project. It must have a file “game.json” and all the sprites you used in your game. You select everything and compact in a file.

See if it worked. I compressed the file

Perfect!! I have no time now. Some stuff to do, but I check it later, ok?

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Sure, I’ll be waiting

Tell me if is this what you needed.

Yes, it is almost that, but if I try to add another button the variable stops counting, and also when I remove the box above the button the variable does not go down.