When to deactivate moving cursor?

When I’m working for android, should I deactivate cursor movement with no condition?

Or at the beginning of the scene?


If you have any event that is triggered when the “cursor/touch is on object”, on mobile devices it may cause some problems if you move the cursor with touch because after touching something, the event is continue to execute even if you don’t touch the screen anymore because the cursor is on the object. To avoid this problem you can deactivate cursor movement with touch but then you also need to make sure you don’t work with the mouse position anywhere because it is always going to be 0,0 since you don’t move the cursor. If you deactivate it, make sure you work with touch position instead.

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Yes, I already know about that.
But my question is simple,
should I deactivate movement of cursor at the beginning of the scene or with no condition?

my guess is at the beginning of scene, only once should be enough. If you do as no event it will be executed on every loop