Where is the icons animation in object editor?

I had GDevelop open, and every time I clicked on an object in the editing window, the object in the object editor panel was animated with a pop out and wobble effect.

I closed Gdevelop at some point, and when I opened it up again, the animation is no longer working.

Where has it gone? I thought it was quite neat, and makes me wonder if I’m missing some other features. I can’t spot any preference settings for it.

I’m using Gdevelop 5.0.0 beta-101

There is no animation on object list.
There is just a focus on the object in the list.

This animation plays on mobile only. If you had the window in a small size, or some bug is present in the IDE, it might have played.
@Bouh there is an animation. Check this commit out: Allow whole object row to be dragged on touchscreens · 4ian/GDevelop@d1aa54b · GitHub

Oh by touched!
Well i’ve not seen this improvement i have no touchscreen.

@arthuro555, I use a surface laptop plugged into a surface dock. I wonder if at some point I had it disconnected from the dock and, because of the touch screen, it activated the animation.

Either way, it’s quite a neat addition that wouldn’t go amiss in non-mobile platforms.