Where should I place resource files of a custom extension?

I’m making a simple JS extension referring to the DebuggerTools extension.
The place where I got stuck is the resource part of actions.


** ‘res/actions/bug32.png’**

I wasn’t able to find the path where that image file(bug32.png) was located anywhere.
Where is that image file located?

In the GDevelop source in newIDE/app/public

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Thank you for the fast help.

Hmm then is the resource file included in the executable file(GDevelop 5.exe)?

I looked it up in the path below.

My JS extension is working well.
I just put the files(JsExtensions.js and mytools.js) in the below path.

So is there no way to put resource files outside of the executable file?

I really don’t recommend it, you should better use GDevelop’s source or the in-IDE extensions, but you can extract the app.asar (in resources folder), add your images and pack it back.
Note that you can easily break your GDevelop Installation doing so and I really don’t recommend it.

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