Which 2D games to create

Good afternoon, Guys, I need help, I’m putting together a portfolio of games that I created, but for now there are only 2 games, give me ideas for games to create to train and put in my portfolio, That I don’t play 2D and more 3D

a wave-based enemy spawning game where you kill enemies obviously, it could be a platformer(or maybe topdown or even top-down movement but the side view of the characters(i don’t know the name of this view mode) maybe and you could add like a kill combo thing where after like 10 combos you can use a special attack, this could be a hack and slash game or something I guess, this could help learn some good stuff with GDevelop and you could make what is, in my opinion, a fun game

I’m not good at ideas but I’ve been playing a hack and slash game and I’ve been finding it fun so i decided to say this if you ant ideas this is a idea, though I’m not sure if its a good idea, what i do know is this could help learn the game engine with variables and timers and um a high kill system and saving if you wanted to add a high kill with a save of what it is