Why can example images be loaded into GDevelop online editor?

I’m messing round with the online editor. If I make a project, I can only use library images for the sprites I create. I cannot use any other images in my project, even if I have created the project in the app and used my own images. When I try loading it into the online editor, it marks them as missing images.

Yet, when I open an example (from the online examples), it loads with non-library images. If I try to add a sprite, again only the library images are available. The example project images are not available.

How is it that the examples can have non-library images for sprites, but these aren’t available when a new sprite is created in the online editor?

For now, the online editor serves to showcase GDevelop and give people a chance to try before download.
You should mess with the offline full version. :slight_smile:

Yes, but why or how do the examples get to use their own images, bypassing the ones in the online image library?

The reason I’m asking is because I’m taking a class of students using GDevelop to create games. A large number of them have Chrome books, without the Linux feature, so the downloadable version isn’t an option. Hence I was hoping that, because the examples seemed to be exempt from the graphics library limitations, there may be a little loophole to get around the restriction.

I’m trying to get the class to collaborate on create one game together. I’m fine with manually adding their work to the project from their saved Google Drive files, but I had hoped that they’d be able to use their own images. So for now we’ll have to make-do with the library graphics.

All those images are embedded into the editor, so they can be loaded directly. Local files have to be used with other APIs.

Ok, so it could be possible, but maybe via a javascript script? If so, I think that’d be too complex for kids who are just starting out with GDevelop.

I think I’ll stick with the online version, and work out how to get it to an offline app. A bit of jiggery pokery, but we’ll get there in the end :slight_smile:

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