Why doesn't it work? Your suggestions for optimal implementation are appreciated

My main goal is to show a certain text if a player touched certain letters (sprites) in a right order. But here it doesn’t work even without a certain order. Your suggestions?

Hello, guest!

It doesn’t work because it’s not the same instance of “Pick” colliding with all objects (A, O and T). Because they are different instances, your condition that the pick instance should collide with three different objects at the same time is never true.

What you can do is create a group and put your objects with letters there:

When a pick instance collides with them, it will change the boolean variable “Activated” to TRUE. The events and visualization working:

Oh, and will be good if you put the condition “Trigger once” like a did in your first event. Otherwise, it will create instances of “Pick” while the button is held down.

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