Why doesn't this work? (Animation won't change in this OR event)

I can’t tell if this is a bug or not?

The idea is to let an animation play to it’s end, or interrupt it early by pressing or releasing a key. Neither pressing or releasing seems to work. But it will change the animation, once the current one ends.

And I also tested it by having a sound effect play when either condition is met, and it will play the sound effect, but not change the animation. It doesn’t even pause it or cause a stutter or, anything!

Sorry if there’s some bit of logic I’m missing,

Edit: It works if you separate the two conditions into different events

Or, as I remember, when you do it with the AND operator in one event.

I’m sorry, but what do you mean?

Like here:

hmm, idk why it doesnt work.
It should.

for now i recommend to just not use OR and instead put 2 subevents under the condition if animation = 1
1st subevent with animation finished, the other with key pressed.

There seems to be an issue with object related conditions and Key presses together with or.

OR combination:
object variable + keypress = doesnt work
Object Animations + keypress = doesnt work
Object Variable+ Scene Timer = Doesnt work
Object Variable + Object Timer = works
Object Variable + Animation = works
keypress+keypress = works
keypress + Scene Timer = works

I assume the or condition only works with ether
Only object oriented condition
Only NON-Object oriented conditions.

Looks like a bug.

Avoid using OR with object-related conditions.

Is that intended behavior?

I know that @Gruk has posted this is expected…but I can’t find any record on the github showing where/why.

Gruk: Can you find the github post providing detail? As far as I can see, the object shouldn’t be deselected in this example as it’s true.

Enjoy the read:


Thanks Gruk!

I wonder if the item mentioned in there would work. Do we think “Pick all instances” in the OR statement would help make it work as users expect?

Edit: Yes, Pick All (object name) objects outside of the or event seems to do what I’d expect.

This works:

So it specifically omits objects that don’t pass the OR query, instead of flagging them to be handled if they do?

I’m assuming, I don’t entirely understand the thing. Heh.