Why Gdevelop coordinate is clockwise?

I think gdevelop has clockwise cartesian coordinate system.
Because when I want to push an object above i need to set the angle “-90” instead of 90.
Why it’s like that?

GDevelop interpret -90 as 270 I guess. This is how the coordinates are in GDevelop:

I believe there is a technical reason for it with the engine it uses under the hood (Pixi.js).
Not sure why clockwise but does it matter?

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This is because the Y axis is inverted compared to the traditional Y axis used in mathematics, so rotation is also inverted (you can verify that by plotting a point with coordinates cos(angle);sin(angle)). Y axis is inverted because it’s usual in 2d game engine to start from point 0;0 being at the top-left of the screen/game area.


I know that doesn’t matter. Just asking…

Oh, I see…