Why GDevelop switches between commas and dots in decimal numbers?

Just a random doubt I thought about
Why does GDevelop uses commas in places like, behaviors and properties, but in events it uses dots for decimals?

That might be your language settings or something on your machine. I just checked 4 different behaviors and properties, and everything uses dots.

Do you have some examples?

I’ve had it since always.
In the web version there are dots.
Dots are the right thing, outside of events you can use both synonymously. In events it has to be dots because comma is used as separator in expressions.

Would be cool if in the future there are default dots for everyone to prevent confusion.

Here in the first video you can see comma in properties height and animation speed.

Basically, everything outside events are this way.

Yes, I can insert dots in decimal numbers inside stuff outside the event sheet:

But when I close this window and come back again, this dot transforms into a comma
To me it’s always been this way too, I just find it really confusing to deal with dots and commas at the same time in some occasions