Why gdevelop's developers

Someone took a look like me that the engine developers do not add anything new to the engine and they say that there is a new update downloaded + I was hoping that they would improve the 3D perspective in the 5.3.200 update But as I expected, they disappointed me and added this feature I do not deny that improving the list of object settings is nice, but it is not what we as a society want. You could have postponed it for a while. Thank you, engine developers. Greetings from me, I’m Mostafa Fathi from Egypt.

Hala, Mostafa.
First of all, it’s not a good idea to post this as feature request.
Looking at GitHub’s release history, updates release within the same week are just bug fixes that you may not have encountered, with some translation updates.
For 3Ds, Core developers will certainly do what may be a selling point asap.
That’s all what I know. Salam.

Hey id love it if the Devs added Blackjack and Hoo… ladies to GDevelops subscription plan… but you dont hear me complaining about it…

Seriously tho… from what i can see, they work pretty hard around the clock and their pretty quick at sorting out bugs. Cut them some slack. If the feature you wanted was really something that everybody wanted and was easy enough to add in, youd have it already.

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Brother I know some bugs fixes with new update but i see that small things can wait
Do the most important then the important 3d native editor is soooooo important thing to make 3d games

Actually, the most important thing, and the one that should always be on top of the list, is the support for the games that have been developed in GDevelop over the years.

To stop everything, or to leave features that people have been using for years in their games “bugged”, just so you can have a shinny new editor for games that havent even been made yet, is an outright slap in the face to any developer that has stuck with GDevelop.

So please consider everything before crying that your not getting what you want…

…and besides, 3D editors take time, theyr probably working on one, dosent mean they cant do smaller things while working on the bigger ones too…

Be patient.

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I think you want to and not the community
I am part of this community and i don’t care for 3D

And i would wish to see many other things improved/added/fixed
For example since i am here when you are in text editing mode for comment or group name in events sheet
And you right click on it
Window that should pop up does not
It should cancel typing mode and open context window (the one when you right click on something)

BUUT along the way i noticed UI had many improvements
3D alone was added
And my all time favorite added lately now we have proper icons for each type of variables in events sheet
I mean better than what we had before

So i would say it’s hard to blame devs for not doing what YOU want when they do what they choose to do and i believe they consider is most important

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While you are welcome to feel however you wish about the devs’ focus on how they develop the engine, nothing about this thread belongs in feature requests.

I’ve moved it to the general section of the forum.

Also, do not make broad assumptions on what “society” wants based off your own likes/wants since the devs have actual data on voted upon features.