Why I can't create my account?

I use Chinese Internet (I’m a Chinese student,my English is so so. And please don’t say any bad remarks about Chinese Internet, it hasn’t make any mistakes.). I can’t create my account, cause I can’t publish my project.


Unfortunately, it seems that it is exactly the Chinese internet or more precisely the Great Firewall that causes the problem, as you can read here: Why can’t Chinese Mainland register an account?

Sadly, Drona is correct. Until that functionality is unblocked on the China Great Firewall side (potentially never), you will not be able to create an account or use the online build service.

However, you can still build an export locally on your desktop. Refer to this tutorial for more: Publish your game to Windows, macOS and Linux manually using Electron and Electron Builder [GDevelop wiki]

I wonder if the use of a VPN can help you.
The great firewall is indeed a problem for lot of users :confused:

You should read this article maybe helps

Thank you! In China, we can use GitHub and create our account, I wish GDevelop can use GitHub to log in.