Why is a text box so impossibly complex to create?

I’m used to rpgmaker, and… it’s like climbing a mountain here for a mere box. What’s the point? I get it’s very configurable, but it wastes so much time to learn, time that could be spent actually making games… someone wanting to make rpgs would have it much easier with rm, all this complexity here is so needless… it’s not like boxes can’t be configured on rm either, but from the start, basically, they function! (Google seriously made this? One would think with its minimalistic search engine that basic functionality would be known…)

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Please actually state what you’re trying to do, and what you’re running into difficulty with. We can’t really assist with “it’s difficult”. Creating a text box is only two clicks for me, and one event to track when the user is typing in it. The “Text input” example might help, and is included in the main example list within the engine.

Also, I’m unclear what you mean in the last line. GDevelop has nothing to do with Google nor vice versa.

Edit: If you don’t mean text entry, and mean a text box as in displaying text, that’s literally no events and a single object. More detail would be needed if you mean something else

Doesn’t the G stand for that? Was originally an employee there…

And, sure, I mean a text box for a dialogue… either way, it’s just much easer in rm whatever kind of text box is needed… and I was told that it’s even more complex to create dialogue with whatever’s non-yarn, but yarn then is what felt like climbing a mountain… also, the rpg example so prominent in ‘build’ isn’t very functional…

Ohhhh, now I understand the confusion. To clarify, definitely not, it stands for Game, as in Game Develop. 4ian was an employee at Google at one time, but that is unrelated to the engine he developed on his own time or the GDevelop company now. There was never any link between Google and GameDevelop (GDevelop 1.0 name) nor GDevelop.

If you’re looking for an example to use for Yarn, I’d recommend looking at the Yarnalia or “Dialogue Tree Simple Demo” examples in the main example list (click the “Show all” button on the build screen for example projects).

Yarn is a bit different from a text box, you’re building out a dialogue system with interactions. Because GDevelop isn’t just for RPGs, how dialogue interacts with events is going to be different than it would be in RPG Maker. RPG Maker is a fantastic tool but is explicitly limited (and designed to be limited) to that type of game. This makes it much more rigid on what it can do, but allows those items to have a much more limited (and therefore simpler to set up) than other engines.

You will absolutely have an easier time making an RPG Maker-style RPG in RPG Maker than in any other game engine, GDevelop included. GDevelop will, however, allow you to make a much more diverse style of game, or even make an RPG Maker style game with functionality you couldn’t do in RPG Maker. These are differences, not so much tradeoffs, between the engines.

I was frustrated when I first starting learning this too but in a week with all the excellent tutorials on youtube and the examples in the engine I was able to get up to speed and accomplish things I never dreamt I could do. I have no experience making games anywhere, so I think with your experience already making games, you have the “logic” thinking you need (which I had to learn that too lol) already so you will catch on no time at all.

WorriedPixels has some nice Yarn tutorials that make it all seem simple. Here is a link to one.
Yarn variables and conditional statements | Dialogue in GDevelop with Yarn - YouTube

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I do desire to combine genres, which I assume an engine like this one can do… but since text boxes are so complex, genre combinations must be so much more… problem is that I opened ‘Top Down RPG’ initially, and it’s just so broken, at one point it was zooming around, collisions functional only occasionally… made the engine seem unstable, but these last few examples have been interesting, and seem to possibly combine genres too (are they something I can build upon?)… demo doesn’t have much, but it’s basic enough (even then, lots of events)… while that yarnalia is cute, but why no sound? By the way, the tutorials on ‘get started’ are so insubstantial… for most of it it spends time asking for the same thing over and over, until somehow registering an account is part of the tutorial, at which point I stopped…

Really? I’ve actually been trying to watch the longest video there, and even then it took me several days, after which… it didn’t function, so… not so optimistic myself… not sure if it’s due to trying to do it on top of that top down rpg which is already broken, but I tried to delete the original events (keeping assets) and it was still non-functional… well, some text managed to appear and disappear at one point, with not even a background behind it… this is why I’m a bit exasperated with it…

I have just tested the top down RPG Example on 3 different Windows devices and a mobile device. I am unclear what may be causing your issue, but none of them experienced what you’re discussing so unfortunately I can’t assist further there.

All example projects in the engine are MIT licensed so you can use them as you wish. However keep in mind you will want to learn the basics of the engine first before you get too far into building something out. I recommend reading every section on the left from “Getting started” Through “Events”, then doing the first 3 tutorials on the page: GDevelop 5 tutorials [GDevelop wiki]

Maybe it was due to my trying to delete the events associated with the battle, perhaps… although not sure how that would affect movement… after that video mentioned the character even stopped animating in the appropriate direction too, despite the events clearly still there… and I once thought renpy was complex…

Hmm I think you’re right, it’s usually a lot easier for me to start with a fresh project. I like to look at tutorials and examples but when I start with fresh code I know exactly what is going on and why and it’s just easier for me to keep track of.

But you can open an example in another instance of GDevelop and copy some snippets you like or some complex expressions and paste them into your project.

I suppose I’ll try anew if all else fails…

By the way, which is supposed to be more complex, this or Godot? The latter strangely looks like a video editor… was doing its tutorial recently, but due to a crash it wouldn’t open it… I’d like to try 3D (might try rm’s ps2 version, which for some reason has it exclusive to the console), and I know gd can’t do that… although I noticed isometric…

There is some kind of extension that can do 3D but I haven’t looked into it, I’m too involved in my project and now the game jam. But I do think it looks interesting, to just play around with and see what I could do, however I have a list of projects I want to do first lol.

Oh I don’t know if you’ve been in extensions yet but don’t forget to take a look at them, there are so many useful things and it will cut down on your creation time if you see some you could use instead of making everything from scratch. Plus you can open them in the editor and look at them for study.

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