Why is gdevelop not opening my project

Why is gdevelop not opening my project it just writes “unable to open checks if the file exist or whatever your allowed to open it” I worked hard on this game and it’s for a game and on the last day I just wanted to add a design and it happened

Is it a desktop project?
if so, make sure the project isn’t opened somewhere else (e.g. another GDevelop instance)
if it’s not opened somewhere else, check the .json file in the project folder using notepad

I checked it but nothing is wrong I even compared it with another gdevelop project json and I saw no difference

If it’s corrupted, GDevelop will tell you it’s corrupted.
Maybe Windows (or whatever is your OS) for some reason protected the JSON.
try to copy paste it in the same folder or something.

Do you see any error logged in the console (Ctrl + Shift + I)?

Hmm I’ll give that a try when it happens again the error is gone